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13 September 2021 - 17 September 2021
Husum, Germany
Husum H2 and WindMatch 2021

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Husum H2 and WindMatch 2021 

14.09. - 17.09.2021 (within the context of HUSUM Wind) and  13.09.2021 (in the context of the Conference Green Hydrogen Economy in the Regions)

On the occasion of HUSUM Wind, the trade fair for the wind industry in Germany's Wind Mecca, and the H2.0- Conference 2021 "Green Hydrogen Economy in the Regions, Enterprise Europe Network invites you to participate in the international on site and virtual B2B Networking Event Husum H2 and WindMatch 2021.

The event has been designed as a partnering platform for visitors and exhibitors of HUSUM Wind and the regional H2.O Conference, offering an opportunity to meet potential partners for new business, for R&D projects and to expand your network in the renewable energy sector. 

Virtual and on site B2B Networking

Representatives of companies, startups, associations, universities and research institutes offering or searching for innovative solutions, investigating new collaborations and looking for adequate project partners during Husum H2 and WindMatch 2021 find a great opportunity to discuss their ideas in prearranged up to 30 minutes meetings on the spot and online.
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H2 - on behalf of the conference Green Hydrogen economy in the regions

Wind Energy - on behalf of the fair HUSUM Wind including

  • entire value chain Onshore / Offshore
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Repowering & Recycling
  • Sector Linking & Storage

Matching with international partners within all categories present at HUSUM Wind Fair

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Husum H2 and WindMatch 2021 is supported by:

H2.0 Konferenz

Closed since 14 September 2021
Location Brokerage event on behalf of HUSUM Wind (14. - 17.09.2021) and the local H2 Conference (13.09.2021) in Husum
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Germany 101
Spain 35
Netherlands 13
Denmark 8
France 7
Türkiye 6
Japan 5
Poland 4
Russia 4
United States 3
Switzerland 3
Portugal 2
Viet Nam 2
Israel 2
Sweden 2
China 2
South Korea 2
Greece 1
Latvia 1
Austria 1
United Kingdom 1
Italy 1
Hungary 1
Argentina 1
Canada 1
Belgium 1
North Macedonia 1
Romania 1
Uruguay 1
Peru 1
Total 214